Best “WhatsApp Status” messages.

WhatsApp has become a very common way of communicating today and with the simple thought that you can be able to showcase your WhatsApp status makes it even more exciting. It has accommodated many millions of people and the world is going all round while you are being able to contact your friends and family. This is regardless of your location within the globe. Adding a WhatsApp status will drive you to being creative and sound unique. You are the only person who can show uniqueness of your status but again this is a tutorial article that will give you some of the best WhatsApp status you can choose from. You will use them to stimuli others.

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Creative Whatsapp Status

  • I want to be part of where there is a will.
  • Behind every successful man there is a surprised woman
  • Cell phones nowadays keep getting smarter and thinner while for people it is the opposite
  • In my house I am just the boss. My wife is the decision maker.
  • When inspiration does not come to me, I go half way to meet it.
  • I am not lazy its only that I am on an energy saving mode.
  • Success all depends on the second letter of the word “success”
  • I am smiling today because tomorrow it could be worse.
  • I love my job only when I am on vacation.
  • The person you love could be 72.8% water.
  • While 80% of the boys have girlfriends, the other of 20% have brains
  • She is so fake such if you look behind her neck you will see “made in chine”
  • I drink to see other people interesting
  • You will be saving water by drinking beer.
  • Love is blind but don’t kiss behind the garden because the neighbors are not blind
  • While his story is history, mine is mystery.
  • If you don’t succeed at first, make sure you hide the fact that you tried.
  • I am not online. This is an optical illusion.
  • Failure may not be an option because it comes bundled with windows.
  • Your friends will come and go but the enemies will remain and build up
  • War does not determine who is right instead it determines who has been left
  • My mind is not dirt it’s my imagination that is sexy.

Cute Whatsapp Status

  • Speaking the truth gives you an advantage of not having to remember of what you said
  • Making a choice of being strong is the only way to know that you are strong.
  • Failure is the only option you have to help begin again intelligently.
  • Unsuccessful people with talent are more common than anything else in the world.
  • If you decide to be a good person, don’t try to prove the same.
  • For loyalty try hiring a dog because I work for money.
  • Any road for success is always on construction.
  • You are born to express and not to impress.
  • I may not win immediately but definitely I will.
  • Wake up first if your dreams have to come true.
  • All it means when people try to bring you down is that you are above them
  • The fact that you are making mistakes is good prove that you are trying
  • I know I am something because God does not create garbage.
  • Confuse them if you can’t convince them.
  • Go left if nothing is going right.
  • I may have failed but never the end because my success has just been postponed.
  • If you though I am a virgin NEVER. My life fucks me every day.
  • It’s until you stop trying that everything will be over.
  • Happiness becomes more expensive as you get richer.
  • The secret of life is to replace one worry with another
  • Don’t aspire for fake friends instead look out for honest enemies.
  • Did you know the most silent people have the loudest mouths?
  • You should be able to kiss my ass is if you are speaking behind my back.
  • Life is like photography because you use the negatives to develop it.
  • It simply means you have stopped living people’s ways if they tell you of how you have changed.
  • I love to walk in fog because no one will know when I am smoking
  • The police report shows that I have a very great night out
  • I need a cigarette to think of how I will quit smoking.
  • When life puts you in tough situations, don’t say, why me? Just say, try me!

Funny Whatsapp Status

  • Success is comparative to being pregnant where everybody congratulates you, but nobody wants to know how many times you got fucked to get pregnant.
  • There must be a better way if starting a day instead of waking up every morning.
  • Don’t think I am drunk when you see me stagger. I am just off – balanced chemically.
  • The reason I talk to myself is because I like dealing with a different class of people.
  • While people think that you cannot live without love, I think oxygen is more vital.
  • It sonly by being number ONE that you will become ODD.
  • We got on the same side with my inner demons the day I stopped fighting them.
  • Some people are still alive because it has been described as illegal to kill them.
  • I am always right. Its only once when I thought I was wrong and for sure I was wrong.
  • If you will have two faces please make sure to make one of them prettier.
  • Being poor is the reason I cannot concrete in class.
  • Keep flushing if you don’t succeed at first.
  • Some men only decide to stay bachelors instead of being labeled fools.
  • My wife dresses to kill but she cooks just the same way.
  • I dint do whatever it is.
  • I am totally available please disturb me.
  • I always dream to be a millionaire like my uncle as he continues to dream every day.
  • Never use your two feet to test how deep the waters are.

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With the above WhatsApp Status messages go right ahead, pick one and keep your contacts entertained any time they read it. 

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